1993 / Weiden / Naabwiesen Square

The urban concept for the new city square opposite Weiden town hall proposes as Phase 1 of development a new central bus terminal for the ZOB public transport system.
To the north at Stadtmühlbach, a green corridor replaces the former parking area. As new framing element to the town hall main entrance sits the ZOB head office.
The bus stop roofs delimit a northern edge along the new square, anticipating a new underground carpark for 400 cars as proposed in Phase 2.
New arcades along the western side allow for future cultural uses. Integrated public green spaces link the square to the south with the landscaped groungs of the adjoining City Hall.

Urban Renewal Concept
City of Weiden i.d.OPf
1. Prize Competition
2 ha
Project: Karlheinz Beer, Anne Beer