1999 / Grafenwöhr / Craftman's House

The heritage-protected Hoperl-Biner estate is one of the oldest houses on Grafenwöhrs’ market square. Vacant for many years, the estate has sought to provide an open program that, in the long term, allows for varied public uses.
The historic front building has been restored to its’ original spatial and regional construction detailing; with smooth lime rendering and timber windows.
A new rear building complements the original construction with a modern timber skeletal structure offering large open floor and wall surfaces.
The ensemble is a dialogue between reconstruction and contemporary additions.

Reconstruction of Historic Craftman's House
Built, LPh 1-9
240 sqm Internal spaces
Project: Karlheinz Beer, Anne Beer
Bayerische Denkmalschutzmedaille 2000, Approval Goldenes Haus 2000