2002 / Weiden / Hotel Europe

Renovation and refurbishment of a 1970s hotel was undertaken on a tight budget.
At ground floor is a fine dining restaurant and conference rooms. At upper levels are guest rooms and suites for business travellers.
As set pieces within the hotel and with a tight budget, the original furniture, lighting and interior décor are recycled and integrated into a new material and colour concept of monochromatic surface areas.
Hotel rooms are sparsely furnished and rest as a monochrome backdrop alongside strongly-coloured bathrooms. The restaurant and conference areas are newly defined with room dividers including alcoves for private dining, the ceiling fitted out with mirrors and stage lighting for the conference gatherings.

Hotel redevelopment
Family Johannes Franz
Built, LPh 1-9
500 sqm
Project: Karlheinz Beer, Anne Beer
Gault Millau 2007