2006 / Bezirk Oberpfalz / Interviews on Architecture Production

A film documentary workshop with the theme Architekturdokumentation was conducted in cooperation with the film director Paul Hadwiger.
The students worked in teams and produced short films presenting completed projects in the Oberpfalz. The starting point for each documentary is an interview with the client on location.
Part 1:Introduction in the genre and technical aspects of the documentary, including research techniques, scriptwork and camera direction.
Part 2: Project research, scripting, base recording.
Part 3: First cut of a 5 minute short film. Consolidation into one film.
Part 4: Première at 2006 Architecture Week.

Student interviews with clients
HS.Regensburg Faculty of Architecture
Project inception / assignment: Beer Project supervision: Beer, Wienbreyer
Cooperation: Architekturkreis, BDA
Workshop: Film director Paul Hadwiger
Funding: Betonmarketing Süd
Première: Donaucenter Shopping Mall