2006 / Stadlern (BAY) Rubny (CZ) / Reichenstein Nature Centre

The Leader Action Group (LAG) for Bavaria Bohemia connects the Oberpflazer community and the Czech region Dobrohost to establish a transfrontier development region.
Tourism, rural and forestry potential is explored for the valuable landscape that crosses between the two countries; including Oberpfalzer Forest Nature Park and Ceský Ies Nature Park.
A ski and recreational resort proposed on the slopes of Reichenstein in 1983 was closed in 2005 due to inconsistent snowfall and low visitor rates.
As part of a new tourism development concept, transfrontier sport and recreation is envisaged with a nature interpration centre for the park.

Diploma Project
HS.Regensburg, Architecture Department
Project assignment: Anne Beer
Commission: Anne Beer, Gerhard Kramer, Birgit Scheuerer
Landscape: Bernd Rohloff
Cooperation: Gemeinde Stadlern, LAG Brückenland, Nabburg Land Surveying Department
Critics: Michael Deppisch, Josef Rott
Project: Maximilian Koch