2007 / Plaza Pontevedra La Coruña / School complex Eusebio da Garda

To the north of the historic Plaza Pontevedra, the new square development acts as a key urban nodal point between the old city and the open sea.
A hybrid programme is proposed for the expansion of the Eusebio da Garda school; including sports hall, multi-purpose rooms, canteen and co-located municipal public library. Integration of existing prominent school buildings from the 19th century, adaptation of the seaside promenade and reinterpretation for the Pontevedra urban square form an integral part of the urban concepts.
Project assignment was undertaken with Iacobus-Kooperation in Spain 2007, with a start workshop in La Coruña and closing project jury in Clermont-Ferrand.

Iacobus Project 2007
Project assignment: Felipe Pena, Cristóbal Crespo
Project supervision HS.R: Anne Beer
Landscape: Bernd Rohloff
In cooperation with: La Coruña city
Funding: INRS France
International student competition: 1st Prize: Andreas Weiderer, HS.R