2007 / Regensburg inner city / Showroom for BDA Architecture Prize

The BDA Prize in Niederbayern Oberpflaz is exhibited for three weeks in Regensburg. In 2007, Regensburg Chamber of Architecture leased the temporary use of a retail shop facing the historic stone bridge.
For the BDA Prize, the project scope included exhibition and display design concepts, spatial concepts for the presentation of architecture awards and production of promotional material for the public. With sponsorship support, the project realisation by the students was completed in 6 weeks.

Exhibition design and concepts for BDA Regional Prize
HS.Regensburg Faculty of Architecture
Project inception / assignment: Beer Project supervision: Beer, Scheck
In cooperation with: Regensburg Architecture Circle, BDA
Funding: BDA Niederbayern Oberpfalz
Student competition: 1st Prize, built project: Robert Haranza