2008 / Thiersheim market square / Design for a new square

In topography, the Thiersheim market place slopes significantly. Vestiges of an old fort remains and a middle age church dominate the square, singular buildings modulate with the terrain.
The square to one side is intersected by the main street. The town hall, a bank and a hotel inn occupy traditional roles at the square.
In open dialogue with the citizens and in cooperation with the Department for Rural Development, Thiersheim seeks to redefine the town square, its' uses and the potential for new spatial and conceptual proposals.

Workshop for rural development
HS.Regensburg, Architecture Department
Project assignment: Anne Beer
Landscape: Andreas Kicherer
Coorperation: Markt Thiersheim
Funding: ALE Bamberg
Guest lecture: Gerhard Plass
Awards: Songül Korkmasz, Andrijana Ivanda