2010 / Arsenal Ferrol / Centro de Interpretación de la Navegación

Ferrol Harbour is directly linked with the city's urban development. The Arsenal extends as an enclosed compound parallel to the Maddalena city grid along the sea's edge.
The proposed project at the Arsenal seeks to complement the city's candidacy for UNESCO Cultural Heritage status and proposes a documentation centre with museum and conference programmes. This new public interpretative centre explores the history of the Arsenal, from the Spanish Armada in the 17th century to present-day Spanish Admirality in correlation with Ferrol's urban development. The project scope was undertaken in Spain 2010 with Iacobus-Kooperation in collaboration with a start workshop in La Coruña and closing project jury in Clermont-Ferrand.

Iacobus Project 2010
Challange: Felipe Pena, Cristóbal Crespo
Mentoring HS.R: Anne Beer
Landscape: Bernd Rohloff
Cooperation: Spanish Marine
Funding: Erasmus Intensif France
International Student Competition: 2. Prize, J.Zurek, M.Seifert, HS.R