2011 / Garmisch Partenkirchen / Krankenhausareal

Jury appraisal statement:
In successfully re-interpreting and restructuring the existing urban scale and grain of the historic town precinct, the proposed scheme for the pedestrianisation of the N-S axis combines an increased use in new public infrastructure with private access to residential buildings.
The proposed public infrastructure intelligently ensures high porosity and visual continuity through the precinct. In particular, a subtle approach to the existing fabric gives heightened presence to heritage-protected buildings.
A new housing cluster to the west answers the trend for young families to be “back in the city” providing flexible living with open spaces.
The design outstandingly achieves the jury’s expectation for the realisation of a communal and lasting housing project for the town centre. The open adaptable concept enables a wide gamut of multi-generational, family with kids and home/office living structures.

Verdichtetes Innerstädtisches Wohnen, Schulerweiterung
Fachberatung Städtebau 2.Preis Wettbewerb
4 ha
Project: Bembé Dellinger Architekten Freiraum Heiner Luz