2011 / Selb / New Community Centre for the Quarter

Set within the historic precinct of Selb-Plößberg, replete with characteristic solitary villas and elevated at the city’s edge, the new community centre proposes an urban renewal of the concept of the villa.
Alongside the existing Klepper-Haus youth centre, the new community centre extends the spatial context and use of the site, framing park vistas and re-orienting access and circulation to parking and external sports fields.
The centre provides flexible meeting rooms, sports room, public amenities and a café all at one level.
Of timber construction and craftsmanship, vertical timber blades clothe its’ exterior, a play of light and shade between tall trees.

New Community Centre
City of Selb
Competition, 1. Prize 2009; Completed 2012
750 sqm GFA
Team: Merz Kley Partner / Engineering, Realgrün / Landscape