2011 / Tiefenbach / Redevelopment of City Center

Tiefenbach’s new town square orients itself from a plateau within the original town structure. Along the spur, view lines extend to St. Ulrich’s Church and the surrounding meadow landscape.
Urban analysis of the vernacular structure of the town, its’ open spaces, the roofed landscape of simple pitched framed buildings and their façade composition reveals key aspects for future input. Materiality, both in the architecture and the open realm, couples local characteristics with contemporaneity.
A new town hall is proposed with a library, exhibition foyer, community spaces and council hall occupying the public face for active presence to the square.
The main street is narrowed to 4.5m, reducing through-traffic speed; widened access for delivery vehicles is ensured with trafficable drainage systems.
The town hall’s timber construction balances flexibility and adaptability with value-added cost effectiveness.

Redevelopment of City Center & Town Hall
Community of Tiefenbach
3 ha
Team: Freiraumarchitekten Regensburg