2015 / Erlangen / Living Quarter "Johann-Kalb-Strasse, Schenkstrasse"

The densification is a result of adding two storeys in a wooden panel construction on top of the existing buildings. As a result maximal and compact structures can be accessed economically. The added levels 4 and 5 are separately and situationally developed for each existing building, according to requirements of orientation, noise and spacing. The type of building access with two apartments per floor-unit is derived from the existing building structure and will be continued in the added floors to allow the development of larger family-suited units. The standard of the existing apartments on the floors 1 to 3 are going to be improved with elevator-access on the mezzanine level and a new throughout balcony zone with optimized orientation. An additional improvement of the individual housing units is achieved by large open spaces between the existing buildings. All ground floor apartments have access to private gardens and the residents of the upper storey apartments may rent tenant gardens. To fulfill the requirements, the new building is composed mostly out of one and two bedroom-apartments. This high density of dwellings is achieved by a type of building access with four apartments per floor-unit, which allows bright and communicative staircases. Larger units are situated at the well-exposed heads of the building, as well as in the joints. The highly insulated building structure out of reinforced concrete and the element facade allow generous living areas and balconies along the entire length of each apartment, which open up to the "parade ground". An added facade layer, consisting out of simple sliding panels, enables the individual zoning of sun- and visual protection and therefore the regulation of privacy. The differentiated color concept of the facade stands for the individuality of the residents and complies with the scale requirements of the spatially staggered effect to the range of the "parade ground."

Urban development, rehabilitation and redensification
GEWOBAU, Stadt Erlangen
ca. 7,3 ha
Irene Burkhardt Landschaftsarchitekten Stadtplaner