2015 / Erlangen / Living Quarter "Johann-Kalb-Strasse, Schenkstrasse"

By choosing the principle of adding storeys on top of the existing buildings, generous open spaces and courtyards are created between the building-units. Entrance and communication zones are applied and reorganized. The free spaces can be used by the residents in various ways and have a high quality of acquisition. They individualize the living environment and promote a vibrant, tangible neighborhood. An explicit tension is built up between the dense network of gardens among the buildings and the southern adjoining vast landscape of the preserve area. Based on the 9-storey building on the “Hartmannstrasse” and its orientation towards the “parade ground” a ground figure is developed for the new building structure with selective risings, which can integrate the urban loner at “Hartmannstrasse” as well as adopting the scale of the existing buildings. This is generating an entrance for the whole quarter and existing east-west routes are carried on and being supported in a spatial way. Overall, the high quality of the connections between the open spaces can be set in value. The courtyard, which is orientated to the parade ground also includes the programmatic infrastructural facilities and the community institutions. Therefor the courtyard is going to be an attractive center of the new city quarter, both figuratively and functionally. The new neighborhood park creates a connection between the new building and the existing building structure and also contains the newly established playground. The topography of the area is changed so that living and garden spaces are slightly increased compared to the street level. On the other hand access roads and parking facilities in open carports are formed as slightly lowered courtyards.

Urban development, rehabilitation and redensification
GEWOBAU, City of Erlangen
ca. 7,3 ha
Team: Irene Burkhardt Landschaftsarchitekten Stadtplaner