2015 / Regensburg / Former Nibelungen Barracks

In the two northern construction sites, the separate areas with their staggered sequence of spaces are orientated towards the future, adjacent park generating the address and identity of the neighborhood. While the homes of the lower floors refer to the nearby Anger area with the neighborhood square and associated water area, the homes of the upper floors can see the cathedral in the northwest of the city, bay overlooking the park. The northern edge of the construction site is interpreted by a number of point buildings creating an interesting spatial sequence to the future green space. In the southern construction area, the neighborhoods with their generous, tree covered courtyards are orientated towards the distinctive stock of trees parallel to Humboldt Street. The tree covered lawns and planting strips of tall varieties of grasses and wild perennials along the ground floor facades provide differentiated offerings to stay and play and thereby create an aesthetically delightful buffer to entrances and private loggias. The water areas with their outdoor seating provide a quality for the entire living quarter. At the same time they structure the northern construction areas and define the edges of the southern building structure. The concept for the open space is characterized by linking the whole quarter, especially in North-South direction.

Urban development of a linving quarter
BTT - Bauteam Tretzel GmbH
ca. 4,8 ha
Team: Wamsler Rohloff Wirzmüller FreiRaumArchitekten Stadtplaner